Malvern St James is made up of five schools that were located in and around the immediate area of Great Malvern. Malvern Girls’ College, Lawnside, St James’s, The Abbey, and St James’s & The Abbey.

The founders of Lawnside, The Abbey, Malvern Girls’ College and St James’s School were all pioneering women who saw education as the key facilitator in opening up opportunities to women.

In 1919, the Imperial Hotel in Malvern was bought by two enterprising young women, Miss Poulton and Miss Greenslade, who turned it from a hotel to the home of Malvern Girls’ College. In 2006 this building became home to Malvern St James Girls’ School.


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Scholarship Details

Scholarships are offered in a variety of disciplines including Academic, Art, Drama, Flexi-Boarding, Music, Riding, Sport and Technology. Scholarships are designed to reward excellence and to celebrate exceptional talent. We welcome open applications for Scholarships and Exhibitions at 11+, 13+ and 16+, which are awarded on merit.

Scholarships carry a fee remission of up to 10% for Senior School Scholarships. The final award will be considered alongside any other bursaries and remissions, the combined total of which will not exceed 40% of fees.

A wealth of enrichment and extension activities are available to all girls at Malvern St James including, in addition, scholars will be offered a range of bespoke opportunities with considerable value, including:

  • Mentoring and further extending skills
  • Coaching
  • Masterclasses and workshops
  • Trips and visits
  • Regular specialist meetings

For more information visit https://msj.gs/2YmD0Q1

Bursary Details

Our bursary programme is generous and designed to make it possible for as many girls as possible who meet the entry criteria to take up a place here. Alongside sibling, military and Old Girl Association discounts, we also offer means-tested bursaries. These are worth up to a maximum of 40% discount from the fees.

For more information visit https://msj.gs/3fYMDLy

Fees per term:

  • Pre-Prep: Day from £2,550
  • Prep: Day from £3,970, Flexi Boarding from £4,705, Weekly Boarding from £7,310, Full Boarding from £8,160
  • Senior: Day from £5,990, Flexi Boarding from £6,840, Weekly Boarding from £9,985, Full Boarding from £10,810
  • Sixth Form: Day: £6,580, Flexi Boarding from £7,590, Weekly Boarding £12,210, Full Boarding £13,470

Open Days:


  • Saturday 9 October 2021 at 10:00 – Open Morning
  • Wednesday 13 October at 18:00 – Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening
  • Wednesday 10 November at 18:00 – Whole School Virtual Open Evening


  • Saturday 12 February at 10:00 – Pre Prep and Prep Virtual Open Morning
  • Saturday 19 February at 10:00 – Whole School Virtual Open Morning
  • Friday 11 March at 10:00 – Open Morning
  • Saturday 30 April at 10:00 – Whole School Virtual Open Morning
  • Wednesday 25 May at 18:00 – Forces Families Virtual Open Evening
  • Thursday 23 June at 18:00 – Whole School Virtual Open Evening
  • Wednesday 17 August at 18:00 – Whole School Virtual Open Evening