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We see scholars as beacons, shining brightly as an inspiration to their peers across the school. This talented group fulfils an important role in our aim for excellence in all that we do. We offer around fifty scholarships each year for those with a distinctive talent in a core area. We are not only looking for pupils who demonstrate a high level of current achievement, although that is a benchmark. Personality and ambition are also crucial. We want scholars to display the enthusiasm and drive to lead by example.

In return we offer these talented pupils a dynamic, forward thinking learning environment where they can develop their individual strengths to the very highest levels, whether as an academic, in sport or in the creative arts. Canford has a fine reputation in all.

As a guide, scholarships are generally worth between 5% and 20% of the fees, which may be enhanced by a bursary if parents are able to demonstrate, through means-testing, that they could not otherwise send their child to the school. Awards for new entrants to the school are made at both 13+ and 16+, for excellence and potential in various fields.

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Canford is committed to broadening access to the School for prospective pupils, as well as supporting current pupils. Help with the payment of school fees is available as means-tested financial assistance offered to parents/guardians who can demonstrate a genuine need for support. Financial assistance, traditionally known as a ‘bursary’ or ‘scholarship supplement’, is provided in the form of a discount of up to 100% of school fees, depending on the financial and other circumstances of applicants.


Fees are reviewed on an annual basis, details are available on